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06.02 Household extensions and power filters

06.02.01 Power cord extenders for household use

06.02.01 Power cord extenders for household use

These extensions are intended for household purposes, in offices or a country house for connecting various electric equipment (household appliances, industrial instruments etc.). Different variants of plugs and sockets (flat or round, with or without grounding) in the amount from 2 to 6 female sockets provide for connecting any electric units with capacity up to 3500W.
06.02.02 Group sockets

06.02.02 Group sockets

These devices protect expensive and sensitive electric units from voltage surges and overloads (accounting and business machinery, audio and video equipment, household appliances). Using the power filters provides for boosting electrical and fire safety at the expense of timely switching the devices off. They also help to boost anti-jam protection of electric lines. Power filters are especially efficient for installing at working place with a PC equipped with additional peripheral devices.
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