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MAGNUM series power connectors


Original construction of MAGNUM power connectors is developed by IEK engineers in strict adherence to the requirements of international and Russian standards taking into account the customer preferences (opinions of professional electricians and wiremen).

Design concept of MAGNUM power connectors combines the best world experience and a series of specialized unique enhancements of IEK engineers.

Progressive engineering solutions combining applying high quality materials and high manufacturing level guarantee high reliability and safety of construction, ergonomics and environmental compatibility of products, maximum mounting and dismantling convenience of MAGNUM power connectors.

MAGNUM power connectors are appropriate for connecting construction electric equipment and electric tools, electricity supply of temporary structures and workmen's shelters, installations and other industrial equipment, electricity supply of sports constructions and objects of mass cultural events, hotels, tourist camps etc.

MAGNUM power connectors of IEKsup> brand are manufactured in Russia at the main production area of IEK concern.


Contact configuration Name Number of poles Key Rated current, A Rated voltage, V Protection degree Product ID
Portable plugs
SSI-013 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 16A 220V IP44 PSN01-016-3
SSI-014 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN02-016-4
SSI-015 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN02-016-5
SSI-023 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 32A 220V IP44 PSN01-032-3
SSI-024 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN02-032-4
SSI-025 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN02-032-5
SSI-033 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 63A 220V IP67 PSN01-063-3
SSI-034 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN02-063-4
SSI-035 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN02-063-5
SSI-045 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 125A 380V IP67 PSN02-125-5
Portable sockets
SSI-213 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 16 220V IP44 PSN21-016-3
SSI-214 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 16 380V IP44 PSN22-016-4
SSI-215 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 16 380V IP44 PSN22-016-5
SSI-223 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 32A 220V IP44 PSN21-032-3
SSI-224 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN22-032-4
SSI-225 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN22-032-5
SSI-233 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 63A 220V IP67 PSN21-063-3
SSI-234 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN22-063-4
SSI-235 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN22-063-5
Stationary plugs for discovered wiring
SSI-513 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 16A 220V IP44 PSN51-016-3
SSI-514 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN52-016-4
SSI-515 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN52-016-5
SSI-523 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 32A 220V IP44 PSN51-032-3
SSI-524 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN52-032-4
SSI-525 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN52-032-5
Stationary sockets for discovered wiring
SSI-113 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 16A 220V IP44 PSN11-016-3
SSI-114 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN12-016-4
SSI-115 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN12-016-5
SSI-123 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 32A 220V IP44 PSN11-032-3
SSI-124 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN12-032-4
SSI-125 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN12-032-5
SSI-133 MAGNUM 2+ 6 h 63A 220V IP67 PSN11-063-3
SSI-134 MAGNUM 3+ 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN12-063-4
SSI-135 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 63A 380V IP67 PSN12-063-5
SSI-145 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 125 380V IP67 PSN12-125-5
Stationary sockets for covered wiring
SSI-413 MAGNUM 2+P 6 h 16A 220V IP44 PSN41-016-3
SSI-414 MAGNUM 3+P 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN42-016-4
SSI-415 MAGNUM 3+P+N 6 h 16A 380V IP44 PSN42-016-5
SSI-423 MAGNUM 2+P 6 h 32A 220V IP44 PSN41-032-3
SSI-424 MAGNUM 3+P 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN42-032-4
SSI-425 MAGNUM 3++N 6 h 32A 380V IP44 PSN42-032-5


  • Plastic connector details are made of self-extinguishing materials having high strength, impact resistance, perfect dielectric ratings as well as high tear and wear resistance.
  • All plastic parts have reinforced construction with high impact and severe operating conditions resistance.
  • Reinforced system of connection for all joints.
  • Caps ensure protection from dust and moisture ingress. They are securely attached.
  • Screws on the body are located with maximum convenience.
  • Possible exploitation in humid conditions (IP44).
  • Rough surface ensures handy seizure that is especially important when working in inclement weather conditions (e.g. high humidity or negative temperatures).

Design Features

MAGNUM series connectors employ column-type clamps with two screws. Screws are one-way looking for mounting convenience. The clamp securely fastens the conductor ensuring low transition resistance and minor heating. Screw ends are sanded that excludes core cutting. In stationary connectors, lateral holes for screws intended for assembly of two body parts are located inside and are not visible from outside. After the assembly, screw heads are buried in the bays that excludes their damage.
There is a convenient upper lever and lower grip for opening provided on the socket covers. Upper lever is handy for opening the cover of any portable socket for its connection using one hand. Lower grip can be used for opening the cover of any stationary and integrated socket. Construction of portable connectors provides for a split terminal with a gland made of flexible material. Split terminal design ensures secured fixation of cable inside the body when tightening the nut owing to the presence of dentils on the collet as well as the required IP protection degree.
Stationary connectors have two cable inputs bottom and upper. Both inputs have plastic membranes for ensuring IP protection degree. They are cut before installing the gland. In order to tighten the split terminal, there is a nut having vents for tightening and loosening. Ridge on the hexagon surface is made for support. It prevent the springing-away of spanner. For convenience of manual nut tightening there are special retainer tangs.

Technical Features

Rated current, A: 16, 32, 63, 125
Operating voltage range, V:  200-250; 380-415.
Rated insulation voltage, V: 500 
Rated circuit frequency, Hz: 50.
Ground contact state, h: 6.
Operating temperature: −25 ° ÷ + 40 °.
Protection degree according to GOST 14254: IP44.
Mechanical type group according to GOST 17516.1: M1

Interpretation of Designations

SSI MAGNUM series power connectors of IEK brand
0 type
    0 portable plug
    1 stationary socket
    2 portable socket (connector)
    4 inclined socket of hidden installation
    5 stationary plug
1 - current magnitude, A
    1 16
    2 32
3 - number of contacts
    3 2P + PE
    4 3P + PE
    5 3P+N+PE

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