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Bolt cutting pliers


Bolt cutting pliers are intended for cutting fittings, steel rods, wires, cables, nails, bolts etc. Special construction of cutter head provides for cutting rigid materials with little effort.

KPL-14 IEK bolt cutting pliers are ideal for mounting cable trays, creating a necessary bend radius when rotating the tray, changing the tray width, their T-shape connection etc.

It is acceptable to apply the pliers for cutting cores of aluminum and copper wires when they are not under voltage.


  Name Product ID
Bolt cutting pliers KPL-14 TKK10-D14

Technical Features

Feature KPL-14
Cutting bit durability, HRCe 55
Weight, kg 0,95
Max. cut cable diameter, mm 10
Max. section of cut cables, mm2 70
Max. durability of cut cables, HRCe 30

Recommendations concerning mounting of cable trays with the help of KPL-14 bolt cutting pliers

When using bolt cutting pliers for mounting cable trays it is recommended to cut wires at an acute angle. It is not recommended to cut wires at a right angle as it contributes to forming sharp ridges capable of damaging insulation of power and information cables placed inside the cable tray.

Overall Dimensions

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