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Crimping tools are intended for crimping main types and sizes of insulated terminals such as NVI, NKI, RpIp, RpIm, RpIo, RshIp, RshIm and E, NGI-2 and NG type end sleeves. Jaws of KO-1 and KO-2 crimping tools are provided with identification color marking corresponding to the color of insulating collar of the terminals used: red, blue and yellow.

Jaws of KO-05E, KO-06E and KO-07E crimping tools are marked with values of sections corresponding to those of terminals or connectors.

Crimping tool made of 3mm thick tempered steel has an arresting device, convenient handles, precisely adjusted matrices as well as a special device allowing unblocking the tool from any position. Ergonomic design, compact size and low weight, simplicity and reliability in use make operation not only fast and easy but also pleasant.

It is recommended to apply the following IEK terminals, couplers and connectors: NKI, NVI, RpIp, RpIm, RpIo, RshIp, RshIm, NkIsh, NpIsh, NGI-2 (E-type end-sleeve), NGI (E-type end- sleeve), NG (page 558-562).


  Name Terminal type Cable section, mm2
KO-01 Insulated terminals and connectors 1,5 2,5 4-6 TKL10-D15-006
KO-02 Insulated terminals and connectors 0,5 1,5 2,5 TKL10-D05-025
KO-05 Cable end-sleeve 0,5/0,75 1/1,5 4 6 TKL20-D05-006
KO-06 Cable end-sleeve 6 10 16 TKL20-006-016
KO-07 Cable end-sleeve 10 16 25 35 TKL20-010-035
KO-03 Cable end-sleeve 6,0 - 16,0 TKL20-D4
KO-04 Cable end-sleeve 0,5 - 6,0 TKL10-D4
KO-08 Cable end-sleeve 0,5 - 6,0 TKL10-D6
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