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Cable cutting tool


Tool for cutting cables with plastic and paper insulation is made of instrument steel with high cutting ability. Special blade geometry allows working safe and fast. It is notable for its high stability and low weight. Segment shears are provided with arresting device, extension handles and cut block. The lock is made in such way that it provides for back blade motion necessary in case intaking foreign bodies. High cutting ability of this tool is attained at the expense of an optimum construction of shears and cutting blades of special geometry.


  Name Cable parameters Weight, kg Product ID
NS-240 Cu Al 240 mm2 1,45 TLK10-240
NK-250 Cu 185 mm2
Al 240 mm2
0,75 TLK10-250
NS-300 Cu Al 300 mm2 1,00 TLK10-300
NS-325 Cu Al 320 mm2 0,60 TLK10-320
NS-380 Cu Al 380 mm2 0,93 TLK10-380
NS-520 Cu Al 400 mm2 0,80 TLK10-520
NS-760 Cu Al 500 mm2 1,25 TLK10-760
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