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HD dowel clamps


They are intended for feast and convenient laying of cabling along the walls. This item ensures easy and fast mounting allowing to get rid of classic dowels and bolt screws in the process of cable laying. Clamps can be used both inside and outside the premises. Re-usable lock of these clamps allows performing secondary laying of cables along the route mounted applying HD clamps. Products sustain the load of 8 kg that is why they provide for fastening along the walls not only cabling but also PVC crinkled hoses and rigid plain pipes.


Name h, mm Width W, mm Length L, mm Fastened wire bunch diameter range, mm Max. sustained load, H Color Package amount, pcs. Product ID
HD 7x150 32 8 152 6-35 78 white 50 UHH80-7-150-50-K01
grey 50 UHH80-7-150-50-K41
black 50 UHH80-7-150-50-K02
HD 7x165 36 10 170 6-38 78 white 50 UHH80-7-165-50-K01
grey 50 UHH80-7-165-50-K41
black 50 UHH80-7-165-50-K02
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