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Luminaries are intended for internal lighting of public and industrial premises with increased concentration of dust and moisture. For outdoor lighting.

Correspond to IEC 60598-1.


  Name Lamp capacity, W Color Package amount, pcs. Product ID
NPP 2602 60 white 18 LNPP0-2602-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2602-1-060-K02
NPP 2602 60 white 18 LNPP0-2602A-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2602A-1-060-K02
NPP 2603 60 white 18 LNPP0-2603-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2603-1-060-K02
NPP 2603 60 white 18 LNPP0-2603A-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2603A-1-060-K02
NPP 2604 60 white 24 LNPP0-2604-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2604-1-060-K02
NPP 2604 60 white 24 LNPP0-2604A-1-060-K01
    black   LNPP0-2604A-1-060-K02


  • Body and protective grid are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy; for model 2604a of steel.
  • Dome is made of heat-resistant rippled glass.
  • All models are provided with reflectors made of aluminum foil.
  • Anti-corrosion coating of metalware and other metal elements.
  • Rubber lockrings for preventing fastening screws from slipping out.
  • Installation method - bulkhead light fitting.
  • Color white, black.

Technical Features

Rated voltage

≈ 230V

Minimum distance from the illuminated object

0,5 m

Electric shock protection class


Protection degree


Connected cables section

0,75 ÷ 1,5 mm2

Light source type

filament or compact fluorescent lamp

Base type


Operating temperature range

-45 ÷ +40C

Overall Dimensions

NPP 2602
NPP 2602
NPP 2603
NPP 2603
NPP 2604
NPP 2604
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