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Industrial inductive luminaries, IP54


These luminaries are intended for general lighting of industrial premises, gyms, skating rinks, storage areas, trading and exhibition halls.

Construction and applied materials ensure high mechanical strength and protection from dust and moisture ingress meeting IP54 protection degree.

These luminaries correspond to IEC 60598-1, IEC 60598-2-1.


  Name Lamp capacity, W Package amount, pcs. Product ID
FSP4001I 200 1 LMSP0-4001I-1-200-K03
Reconfiguration set KFSP4001I 1 LMSP1-4001IK-1-200-E40


  • Power consumption is not more than 200W when having light and technical characteristics equal to an analogous unit with a metal halide lamp of 400W.
  • Electronic control gear intended for operation with an electrodeless lamp of 200W.
  • No starting current.
  • Instant reset option.
  • Lighting hours is not less than 60 000 hours.
  • Light and technical features stability: luminous flux reduction after 2000 hours of electrodeless lamp operation is less than 4%.
  • Possibility to reconfigure the existing industrial lamps (e.g. GSP series luminaries) for operation with electrodeless lamps.
  • Warranty: 5 years.

Technical Features

Rated voltage

≈ 230V

Minimum distance from the illuminated object

0,5 m

Electric shock protection class


Protection degree


for model 9101


Connected cables section

0,75 ÷ 1,5 mm2

Light source type

electrodeless lamp

Overall Dimensions

  Product ID Name Dimensions
1 LMSP0-4001I-1-200-K03 FSP4001I
2 LMSP1-4001IK-1-200-E40 Reconfiguration set KFSP4001I
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