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KP enclosures for control buttons


Light signaling indicators, control buttons and switches can be easily mounted into KP enclosures.


  Name Overall dimensions, mm Color Amount, pcs. Product ID
in package in transp. box
KP101 enclosure for buttons, one place 75x70x65 white 1 100 BKP10-1-K01
KP102 enclosure for buttons, two places 110x70x65 white 1 100 BKP10-2-K01
KP103 enclosure for buttons, three places 150x70x65 white 1 100 BKP10-3-K01
KP104 enclosure for buttons, four places 190x70x65 white 1 50 BKP10-4-K01
KP105(6) enclosure for buttons, five (six) places 250x70x65 white 1 50 BKP10-6-K01


  • Option of installing from 1 to 6 light signaling indicators, control buttons or switches.
  • KP enclosures are made of ABS-plastic being a non-flammable material.
  • Protective gland at the cable lead-in excludes dust and moisture ingress in the assembled variant.
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