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REK auxiliary relays


REK77 and REK78 auxiliary relays of modular series are intended for transmitting control commands to executive elements by means of commuting their electrical circuits with the help of changeover contacts. Relays are connected to receptacle modular sockets RRM77 and RRM78 installed on a 35mm DIN-rail.

Sockets host lead terminals of changeover contacts and coils.

Relays are made using silver-containing contacts.


  • Higher value of contacts rated current as compared to RP-21 auxiliary relay provides for using REK in circuits up to 10A.
  • Any operating position.
  • Minimized dimensions of REK series relays provide possibility of more rational device position on the mounting surfaces.
  • Applying silver-containing contacts helps boosting durability.
  • Relay can be completed with modular receptacle sockets for DIN-rail mounting and screw fastening.
  • Indication shown the relay status.
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