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KMI AC contactors


KMI AC contactors of general industrial purpose are designed for load currents from 9 to 95A (AC-3). They are intended for actuating, shutting down and reversing of asynchronous motors equipped with a short-circuited rotor for the applied voltage limited to 660V, remote control of lighting (AC-5a, AC-5b), heating circuits and various low-inductance loads (AC-1), switching three-phase capacitor batteries (AC-6b) and primary windings of three-phase low-voltage transformers (AC-6a).

All unit types per load currents limited to 40A have a single group of auxiliary NO or NC contacts.

Types per load currents exceeding 40A have two contact groups (NO and NC).

KMI AC contactors9-95A application includes fan, pump, thermal curtain, furnace, overhead-track hoist, unit, lighting and automated load transfer systems control.

According to its constructive and technical features, KMI AC contactors meet the requirements of international standards EN 60947-1, EN 60947-4-1, EN 60947-5-1


NameRated operating current, A (AC-3)Rated control coil voltage, VNumber and type of contacts Package amount, pcs.Product ID
KMI-10910 9 24V/-3 1NO IEK9241NO 
50KKM11 -009-024-10
KMI-10910 9 36V/-3 1NO IEK9361NO 
50KKM11 -009-036-10
KMI-10910 9 110V/-3 1NO IEK91101NO 
50KKM11 -009-110-10
KMI-10910 9 230V/-3 1 NO IEK92301NO 
50KKM11 -009-230-10
KMI-10910 9 400V/-3 1 NO IEK94001NO 
50KKM11 -009-400-10
KMI-10911 9 110V/-3 1NC IEK91101NC 
50KKM11 -009-110-01
KMI-10911 9 230V/-3 1NC IEK92301NC 
50KKM11 -009-230-01
KMI-10911 9 400V/-3 1NC IEK94001NC 
50KKM11 -009-400-01
KMI-11210 12 24V/-3 1NO IEK12241NO 
KMI-11210 12 36V/-3 1NO IEK12361NO 
50KKM11 -012-036-10
KMI-11210 12 110V/-3 1 NO IEK121101NO 
50KKM11 -012-110-10
KMI-11210 12 230V/-3 1 NO IEK122301NO 
50KKM11 -012-230-10
KMI-11210 12 400V/-3 1 NO IEK124001NO 
50KKM11 -012-400-10
KMI-11211 12 110V/-3 1NC IEK121101NC 
KMI-11211 12 230V/-3 1NC IEK122301NC 
50KKM11 -012-230-01
KMI-11211 12 400V/-3 1 IEK124001NC 
50KKM11 -012-400-01
KMI-11810 18 24V/-3 1NO IEK18241NO 
KMI-11810 18 36V/-3 1NO IEK18361NO 
50KKM11 -018-036-10
KMI-11810 18 110V/-3 1 NO IEK181101NO 
50KKM11 -018-110-10
KMI-11810 18 230V/-3 1 NO IEK182301NO 
50KKM11 -018-230-10
KMI-11810 18 400V/-3 1 NO IEK184001NO 
50KKM11 -018-400-10
KMI-11811 18 230V/-3 1 IEK182301NC 
50KKM11 -018-230-01
KMI-11811 18 110V/-3 1NC IEK181101NC 
KMI-11811 18 400V/-3 1 IEK184001NC 
50KKM11 -018-400-01
KMI-22510 25 24V/-3 1 NO IEK25241NO 
KMI-22510 25 36V/-3 1 NO IEK25361NO 
KMI-22510 25 110V/-3 1 NO IEK251101NO 
KMI-22510 25 230V/-3 1NO IEK252301NO 
KMI-22510 25 400V/-3 1NO IEK254001NO 
KMI-22511 25 110V/-3 1 IEK251101NC 
KMI-22511 25 230V/-3 1 IEK252301NC 
KMI-22511 25 400V/-3 1 IEK254001NC 
KMI-23210 32 36V/-3 1 NO IEK32361NO 
KMI-23210 32 110V/-3 1 NO IEK321101NO 
KMI-23210 32 230V/-3 1NO IEK322301NO 
KMI-23210 32 400V/-3 1NO IEK324001NO 
KMI-23211 32 110V/-3 1 IEK321101NC 
KMI-23211 32 230V/-3 1 IEK322301NC 
KMI-23211 32 400V/-3 1 IEK324001NC 
KMI-34012 40 36V/-3 1 NO 1 IEK40361NO+1NC 
KMI-34012 40 110V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK401101NO+1NC 
KMI-34012 40 230V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK402301NO+1NC 
KMI-34012 40 400V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK404001NO+1NC 
KMI-35012 50 110V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK501101NO+1NC 
KMI-35012 50 230V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK502301NO+1NC 
KMI-35012 50 400V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK504001NO+1NC 
KMI-46512 65 110V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK651101NO+1NC 
20KKM41 -065-110-11
KMI-46512 65 230V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK652301NO+1NC 
20KKM41 -065-23011
KMI-46512 65 400V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK654001NO+1NC 
20KKM41 -065-40011
KMI-48012 80 110V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK801101NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -080-110-11
KMI-48012 80 230V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK802301NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -080-23011
KMI-48012 80 400V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK804001NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -080-40011
KMI-49512 95 110V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK951101NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -095-110-11
KMI-49512 95 230V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK952301NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -095-23011
KMI-49512 95 400V/-3 1NO 1NC IEK954001NO+1NC 
16KKM41 -095-40011


  • Extended range of KMI AC contactors as compared to the similar Russian manufacturers.
  • Extended range of options available at the warehouse (PKI attachments, PVI time-delay attachments, RTI electrical-thermal relay).
  • 35-mm DIN-rail installation option (other manufacturers provide such option only as customized variants).
  • Possibility to acquire a blockable reversing variant.

Design Features

Special oval terminal contacts ensure a secure conductor fixation:
- for dimensions 1 and 2 – with tempered disk spring washers;
- for dimensions 3 and 4 – with a c-clamp allowing connecting a wider section contact.

Short-circuited aluminum rings pressed into polar tips of the magnetic system’s stationary part are provided for preventing detonation.
Notches on terminal contacts provide for lowering the wire heating owing to the secure fixation in places of connection and boosting the overall contact area. As a result of applying a unique manufacturing technology, when being in operation the magnetic system ensures an optimum exploitation (no noise and boosted contact system reliability).
Integrated auxiliary contacts. Each contactor up to 32A is supplemented with an auxiliary contact: 1 NO or 1 NC. Contactors from 40 up to 95A are completed with two auxiliary contactors: 1 NO+1 NC.

There are two ways to install the contactors:

  • Fast DIN-rail mounting:

KMI from 9 up to 32A (dimensions 1 and 2) – 35 mm; KMI from 40 up to 95A (dimensions 3 and 4) – 35 and 75 mm.

  • Screw installation onto a mounting panel or profile.

Technical Features

Features KMI-10910 KMI-10911KMI-11210 KMI-11211KMI-11810 KMI-11811KMI-22510 KMI-22511KMI-23210 KMI-23211KMI-34012KMI-35012KMI-46512KMI-48012KMI-49512
Rated operating AC voltage Ue, V230, 400, 660
Rated insulation voltage Ui, V660
Rated impulse voltage Uimp, kV8
Rated operating current Ie, application category AC-3 (Ue≤400V), A9121825324050658095
Conventional thermal current Ith (t≤40C), application category AC-1, A2525324050608080125125
Rated power for AC-3, kW230V2,2345,57,5111518,52225
Max. short-time load (t≤1s), A162216324450576720900117014401710
Conditional short-circuit current Inc, A1000100030003000300030003000300050005000
Overcurrent protection fuse gG, A1020254050506380100100
Power dissipated at Ie, W/poleAC-30,20,360,81,2522,43,74,25,17,2


Technical features of control circuit of KMI AC contactors

FeaturesKMI-10910 KMI-10911KMI-11210 KMI-11211KMI-11810 KMI-11811KMI-22510 KMI-22511KMI-23210 KMI-23211KMI-34012KMI-35012KMI-46512KMI-48012KMI-49512
Rated control coil voltage Uc, V-24, 36, 110, 230, 400
Control voltage rangestripping(0,8+1,1) Uc
release(0,3+0,6) Uc
Coil power consumption at Uc, VAtripping cos φ = 0,756060609090200200200200200
hold cos φ = 0,37777,57,52020202020
Tripping time, msclosure12-2212-2212-2215-2415-2420-2620-2620-2620-3520-35
Switching wear resistance, mln. cycles-31,71,71,41,41,61,51,41,41,20,9
Mechanical wear resistance, mln. cycles2222221,51,51,51,5
Dissipated power, W3333,53,51010101010


Technical features of integrated auxiliary contacts

Rated voltage Un, Vtill 660
Rated insulation voltage Ui, V 660
Conventional thermal current (t≤40C) Ith, A 10
Min. making capacityUmin, V24
Imin, mA10
Overcurrent protection fuse gG, A10
Max. short-time load (t≤1s), A 100
Insulation resistance, min., mO10

Overall Dimensions

KMI-10910; KMI-10911; KMI-11210; KMI-11211; KMI-11810; KMI-11811 KMI-22510; KMI-22511

Type Dimensions, mm Weight max., kg
KMI-10910; KMI-109117480450,34
KMI-11210; KMI-112117480450,345
KMI-11810; KMI-118117485450,365
KMI-22510; KMI-225118493560,400

KMI-23210; KMI-23211

Type Weight max., kg
KMI-23210; KMI-232110,545

KMI-34010; KMI-34011 KMI-35012; KMI-46512

Type Weight max., kg
KMI-34010; KMI-340111,400

KMI-48012; KMI-49512

Type Weight max., kg
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