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Portable RCCB


Portable RCCB shuts the circuit voltage off if a person will accidentally touch the stripped wire or a metal body of damaged device. Using portable RCCB means protection from possible inflammation of electric units with damaged insulation (wear, dampness, mechanical stress etc.).


Overall dimensions Name Rated breaking residual Protection degree Transport package amount, pcs. Product ID
Adapter with protecting cutout UZO-DPA16V and cover 10 IP44 48 WDV20-16-10-K01
Adapter with protecting cutout UZO-DPA16V and cover 30 IP44 48 WDV20-16-30-K01

* Overall dimensions of UZO-DPA16 are given in brackets.


  • Requires no special personnel for installation.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Operability within the voltage range from 115265V.
  • Main voltage indicator.
  • Compactness and low weight.
  • Any operating position.
  • Contemporary design and construction.
  • Ensures protection if neutral wire is broken.
  • Internal protection from lightning or commutation surge overvoltages.
  • Universal application: intended for any electric units with capacity up to 3kW that can be connected to a female socket.

Technical Features

Rated operating voltage


Rated frequency


Working capacity voltage range


Rated current


Rated breaking residual current

10, 30mA

Functioning characteristic at residual current with DC component


Tripping time

0,03 s

Electrical wear-resistance, min. power cycles

20 000

Protection degree UZO-DPA16, UZO-DPA16V, UZO-DPV16


Service life

15 years

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