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KVARTA series


Time-honored classic design popular among different categories of consumers provides for installing “KVARTA” series devices in apartments, country houses, office and industrial premises.


  • Product range is formed taking into account market demand trends and includes a series of the most contemporary and popular positions.
  • Modular installation principle provides for mounting several devices into one block.
  • Mount construction allows adjusting the device both with bolts and spacer claws into junction boxes of different types.
  • Internal mechanism material non-flammable ABS-plastic.
  • Female and male socket mounts are made of corrosion-resistant steel that ensures reliability and long product life.
  • Switches and dimmers are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60669-1, sockets are manufactured in accordance with the manufacturer's documentation.
  • New series samples have successfully undergone tests for correspondence with the international standards requirements that is proved by the acceptance of the customs union certificate acting on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Design Features

White Beige

Technical Features




white, beige

Rated current of switches


Rated current of female sockets


Type of fastening to the socket box

bolts and spacer claws

Wire retaining clamp (for copper and aluminum wires up to 2,5 mm2)


Distance between centers of devices at group mounting


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