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Metal cable trays and accessories


Perforated and non-perforated cable trays made of galvanized steel are intended for mounting and protection of power and low-voltage wiring. IEK cable tray system consists of various combinations of metal trays, accessories, wall and ceiling pendant fittings necessary for laying the cables in any direction. Cable trays are made of coiled cold-rolled steel galvanized in a continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit meet the requirements EN 61537.

Ladder type cable trays made of galvanized steel are used for mounting cable routings for wires and cables when arranging open-type electric systems and surface wiring on industrial and civil sites.


Perforated cable trays

Intended for mounting and protecting power and low-voltage wiring.


NameDimensions, mmMetal gage, mmWeight, kg/mUseful load, kg/mPackage amount, mProduct ID
Perforated cable tray 35x50x3000; 0,7 mm300035500,70,8167,56CLP10-035-050-070-3
Perforated cable tray 35x100x3000; 0,7 mm3000351000,71,0574,76CLP10-035-100-070-3
Perforated cable tray 35x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000351500,71,3078,26CLP10-035-150-070-3
Perforated cable tray 35x200x3000; 0,7 mm3000352000,71,5580,26CLP10-035-200-070-3
Perforated cable tray 35x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000353000,82,3292,26CLP10-035-300-080-3
Perforated cable tray 50x50x3000; 0,7 mm300050500,70,96153,66CLP10-050-050-3
Perforated cable tray 501003000, 0,7mm3000501000,71,19170,96CLP10-050-100-3
Perforated cable tray 50x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000501500,71,46179,86CLP10-050-150-3
Perforated cable tray 50x200x3000; 0,7 mm3000502000,71,74186,46CLP10-050-200-3
Perforated cable tray 50x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000503000,82,56215,96CLP10-050-300-3
Perforated cable tray 50x400x3000; 1 mm3000504001,03,97269,26CLP10-050-400-3
Perforated cable tray 50x500x3000; 1,2 mm3000505001,25,59317,86CLP10-050-500-3
Perforated cable tray 80x100x3000; 0,7 mm3000801000,71,47288,86CLP10-080-100-3
Perforated cable tray 80x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000801500,71,75305,76CLP10-080-150-3
Perforated cable tray 80x200x3000; 0,8 mm3000802000,82,31359,16CLP10-080-200-3
Perforated cable tray 80x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000803000,82,89373,76CLP10-080-300-3
Perforated cable tray 80x400x3000; 1 mm3000804001,04,38467,46CLP10-080-400-3
Perforated cable tray 80x500x3000; 1,2 mm3000805001,26,08558,06CLP10-080-500-3
Perforated cable tray 100x100x3000; 0,7 mm30001001000,71,70427,46CLP10-100-100-3
Perforated cable tray 100x150x3000; 0,8 mm30001001500,82,24514,86CLP10-100-150-3
Perforated cable tray 100x200x3000; 0,8 mm30001002000,82,56535,06CLP10-100-200-3
Perforated cable tray 100x300x3000; 1 mm30001003001,03,91688,56CLP10-100-300-3
Perforated cable tray 100x400x3000; 1,2 mm30001004001,25,61834,66CLP10-100-400-3
Perforated cable tray 100x500x3000; 1,2 mm30001005001,26,46845,76CLP10-100-500-3


Non-perforated cable trays

Intended for mounting and protecting power and low-voltage wiring.


NameDimensions, mm Metal gage, mmWeight, kg/mUseful load, kg/mPackage amount, mProduct ID
Non-perforated cable tray 35x50x3000; 0,7 mm300035500,70,9067,56CLN10-035-050-070-3
Non-perforated cable tray 35x100x3000; 0,7 mm3000351000,71,1774,76CLN10-035-100-3
Non-perforated cable tray 35x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000351500,71,4578,26CLN10-035-150-3
Non-perforated cable tray 35x200x3000; 0,7 mm3000352000,71,7280,26CLN10-035-200-3
Non-perforated cable tray 35x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000353000,82,5992,26CLN10-035-300-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x50x3000; 0,7 mm300050500,71,06153,66CLN10-060-050-3
Non-perforated cable tray 501003000, 0,7mm3000501000,71,34170,918CLN10-060-100-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000501500,71,61179,812CLN10-060-150-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x200x3000; 0,7 mm3000502000,71,89186,412CLN10-060-200-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000503000,82,78215,96CLN10-060-300-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x400x3000; 1 mm3000504001,04,25269,26CLN10-060-400-3
Non-perforated cable tray 50x500x3000; 1,2 mm3000505001,26,02317,86CLN10-060-500-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x100x3000; 0,7 mm3000801000,71,67288,86CLN10-085-100-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x150x3000; 0,7 mm3000801500,71,94305,76CLN10-085-150-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x200x3000; 0,8 mm3000802000,82,53359,16CLN10-085-200-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x300x3000; 0,8 mm3000803000,83,16373,76CLN10-085-300-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x400x3000; 1 mm3000804001,04,72467,46CLN10-085-400-3
Non-perforated cable tray 80x500x3000; 1,2 mm3000805001,26,59558,06CLN10-085-500-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x100x3000; 0,7 mm30001001000,71,89427,412CLN10-110-100-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x150x3000; 0,8 mm30001001500,82,47514,812CLN10-110-150-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x200x3000; 0,8 mm30001002000,82,78535,012CLN10-110-200-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x300x3000; 1 mm30001003001,04,25688,56CLN10-110-300-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x400x3000; 1,2 mm30001004001,26,02834,66CLN10-110-400-3
Non-perforated cable tray 100x500x3000; 1,2 mm30001005001,26,96845,76CLN10-110-500-3

Ladder type cable trays

Name Length, mm Height, mm Width, mm Side rail thickness, mm Weight, kg/m Package amount, m Product ID
Ladder type cable 50×200×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 50 200 1,2 2,37 6 LLK1-050-200
Ladder type cable 50×300×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 50 300 1,2 2,57 6 LLK1-050-300
Ladder type cable 50×400×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 50 400 1,2 2,77 6 LLK1-050-400
Ladder type cable 50×500×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 50 500 1,2 2,97 6 LLK1-050-500
Ladder type cable 50×600×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 50 600 1,2 3,2 6 LLK1-050-600
Ladder type cable 80×200×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 80 200 1,2 2,77 6 LLK1-080-200
Ladder type cable 80×300×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 80 300 1,2 2,97 6 LLK1-080-300
Ladder type cable 80×400×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 80 400 1,2 3,17 6 LLK1-080-400
Ladder type cable 80×500×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 80 500 1,2 3,37 6 LLK1-080-500
Ladder type cable 80×600×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 80 600 1,2 3,6 6 LLK1-080-600
Ladder type cable 100×200×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 100 200 1,2 4,17 6 LLK1-100-200
Ladder type cable 100×300×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 100 300 1,2 4,37 6 LLK1-100-300
Ladder type cable 100×400×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 100 400 1,2 4,57 6 LLK1-100-400
Ladder type cable 100×500×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 100 500 1,2 4,77 6 LLK1-100-500
Ladder type cable 100×600×3000, 1,2 mm 3000 100 600 1,2 5 6 LLK1-100-600


Perforated and non-perforated cable trays

  • Protecting cabling from mechanical damage.
  • Fire safety at short circuit.
  • Metal hose flexibility ensures convenient mounting without using any additional accessories or appliances.
  • Internal cable overbending protection.
  • Serves as an electromagnetic interference screen.
  • Rodent-proof.
  • Recommended for laying power-supply systems on flammable surfaces incl. wood.

Ladder type cable trays

  • High load-bearing capacity of ladder cable trays allows laying heavy cable lines with loads more than 600 kg/m.
  • Surface wiring method using the ladder cable trays provides for easy further servicing of electric and low-voltage power systems and its development.
  • Universal male-female connector enables both direct longitudinal edge-to-edge and lateral overlapped mounting of the cable routing at the expense of its symmetric structure.
  • Tube lock construction allows boosting structural capabilities of IEK trays.
  • Wide range of tray sizes and accessories provides for designing a cable routing of any complexity.
  • Ladder type cable tray tests have shown its high flame resistance and preservation of all characteristics in case of fire.

Design Features

Trays have male-female type connectors securely connected using KS M6x10 connecting kit.
Standard tray length – 3 meters.
Extended perforated area allows lowering the tray weight not influencing its structural capabilities and easy mounting cables inside the tray using nylon ties.
Safety tube lock construction with boosted structural capability as compared to the straight lock-free trays. Locking covers are latched onto the tray and mounting accessories with simple pressing without and additional fasteners. Cover lock provides for its secure staying in place when the cable routing is installed vertically.  
Special baffle can be used for diving the tray in two or more compartments and excluding coupling in case of mounting different cable types (data and power) in one tray. There is a wide range of universal pendant fittings for fixing the tray onto the walls and ceiling. They can be both of screw/fast mounting and unitary type (one element construction).
Full range of accessories (vertical and horizontal bends, T- and X-type joints) provides for freely changing direction and level, make branches and organize the cable routing of any complexity. There is a screw bolt with a nut (with fixing collar) used for bracket-to-ceiling clamp connection.
All trays and accessories are connected using a unified KS M6x10 connecting kit. Thus, to assemble any routing, you will need only three metalware types. Owing to the square neck fixing the screw bolt included in the said kit, to connect the trays and accessories only one M10 wrench is needed.  

Technical Features

Perforated and non-perforated cable trays

galvanized steel
Paint and anti-corrosion warranty
protection from rust-through corrosion – 10 years (upon meeting the operation conditions)
inside and outside industrial, commercial, office and residential premises

Ladder type cable trays

Sendzimir-method galvanized steel (zinc coating weight – up to 200 g/m2)
Paint and anti-corrosion warranty
protection from rust-through corrosion – 10 years (upon meeting the operation conditions)
Climate type:
operating temperature range: -70°C…+40°C at 85% humidity
operating temperature range: -70°C…+45°C at 70% humidity
inside and outside industrial, commercial, office and non-residential premises


  NamePurposeDimensions, mmMetal gauge, mmWeight, kg/mPackage amount, mProduct ID
  Tray cover, base 50For protecting the cable inside the tray in cases when it is necessary
Tray cover, base 50 mm.300050150,80,526CLP1K-050-1
Tray cover, base 60200060150,80,5240CLP1K-060-2
Tray cover, base 1003000100150,80,7636CLP1K-100-3
Tray cover, base 100 mm.3000100150,80,766CLP1K-100-1
Tray cover, base 1503000150150,81,0324CLP1K-150-3
Tray cover, base 150 mm.3000150150,81,036CLP1K-150-1
Tray cover, base 2003000200150,81,5018CLP1K-200-3
Tray cover, base 200 mm.3000200150,81,506CLP1K-200-1
Tray cover, base 3003000300150,82,1212CLP1K-300-3
Tray cover, base 300 mm.3000300150,82,126CLP1K-300-1
Tray cover, base 4003000400150,83,446CLP1K-400-3
Tray cover, base 5003000500150,84,226CLP1K-500-3
  Cross-piece 3550 mm.For organizing a cross-type cable routing branch. This accessory is delivered in set with a cover.
Cross-piece 35x100 mm.358100350,81,151CLP1X-035-100-1
Cross-piece 35x150 mm.408150350,81,611CLP1X-035-150-1
Cross-piece 35x200 mm.458200350,82,121CLP1X-035-200-1
Cross-piece 35x300 mm.558300350,83,511CLP1X-035-300-1
Cross-piece 50x5024850600,80,611CLP1X-050-050
Cross-piece 50100358100500,81,221CLP1X-050-100
Cross-piece 50x150408150500,81,661CLP1X-050-150
Cross-piece 50x200458200500,82,171CLP1X-050-200
Cross-piece 50x300558300500,83,641CLP1X-050-300
Cross-piece 50x400658400500,85,181CLP1X-050-400
Cross-piece 50x500758500500,86,971CLP1X-050-500
Cross-piece 80x100358100800,81,401CLP1X-080-100
Cross-piece 80x150408150800,81,861CLP1X-080-150
Cross-piece 80x200458200800,82,371CLP1X-080-200
Cross-piece 80x300558300800,83,811CLP1X-080-300
Cross-piece 80x400658400800,85,371CLP1X-080-400
Cross-piece 80x500758500800,87,191CLP1X-080-500
Cross-piece 100x1003581001000,81,531CLP1X-100-100
Cross-piece 100x1504081501000,81,981CLP1X-100-150
Cross-piece 100x2004582001000,82,491CLP1X-100-200
Cross-piece 100x3005583001000,84,021CLP1X-100-300
Cross-piece 100x4006584001000,85,611CLP1X-100-400
Cross-piece 100x5007585001000,87,471CLP1X-100-500
  90 bend 35x50 mm.For organizing a horizontal cable routing turn at 90. This accessory is delivered in set with a cover.
90 bend 35x100 mm.230100350,80,471CLP1P-035-100-1
90 bend 35x150 mm.280150350,80,731CLP1P-035-150-1
90 bend 35x200 mm.330200350,81,041CLP1P-035-200-1
90 bend 35x300 mm.430300350,81,981CLP1P-035-300-1
90 bend 50x5015050500,80,271CLP2P-050-050
90 bend 50x100230100500,80,561CLP2P-050-100
90 bend 50x150280150500,80,831CLP2P-050-150
90 bend 50x200330200500,81,161CLP2P-050-200
90 bend 50x300430300500,82,121CLP2P-050-300
90 bend 50x400530400500,83,171CLP2P-050-400
90 bend 50x500630500500,84,521CLP2P-050-500
90 bend 80x100230100800,80,651CLP2P-080-100
90 bend 80x150280150800,80,931CLP2P-080-150
90 bend 80x200330200800,81,271CLP2P-080-200
90 bend 80x300430300800,82,301CLP2P-080-300
90 bend 80x400530400800,83,391CLP2P-080-400
90 bend 80x500630500800,84,791CLP2P-080-500
90 bend 100x1002301001000,80,731CLP2P-100-100
90 bend 100x1502801501000,81,031CLP2P-100-150
90 bend 100x2003302001000,81,391CLP2P-100-200
90 bend 100x3004303001000,82,511CLP2P-100-300
90 bend 100x4005304001000,83,661CLP2P-100-400
90 bend 100x5006305001000,85,121CLP2P-100-500
  90 bend vertical external 35x50 mm.For organizing a vertical cable routing turn at 90. This accessory is delivered in set with a cover.

90 bend vertical external 35x100 mm.203100350,80,311CLP1N-035-100-1
90 bend vertical external 35x150 mm.203150350,80,421CLP1N-035-150-1
90 bend vertical external 35x200 mm.203200350,80,521CLP1N-035-200-1
90 bend vertical external 35x300 mm.203300350,80,941CLP1N-035-300-1
90 bend vertical external 50x50283,550500,80,261CLP1N-050-050
90 bend vertical external 50x100283,5100500,80,381CLP1N-050-100
90 bend vertical external 50x150283,5150500,80,491CLP1N-050-150
90 bend vertical external 50x200283,5200500,80,601CLP1N-050-200
90 bend vertical external 50x300283,5300500,80,831CLP1N-050-300
90 bend vertical external 50x400283,5400500,81,071CLP1N-050-400
90 bend vertical external 50x500283,5500500,81,291CLP1N-050-500
  90 bend vertical external 80100273,5100800,80,521CLP1N-080-100
90 bend vertical external 80150273,5150800,80,651CLP1N-080-150
90 bend vertical external 80x200273,5200800,80,781CLP1N-080-200
90 bend vertical external 80x300273,5300800,81,041CLP1N-080-300
90 bend vertical external 80x400273,5400800,81,311CLP1N-080-400
90 bend vertical external 80x500273,5500800,81,571CLP1N-080-500
90 bend vertical external 100x1003091001000,80,641CLP1N-100-100
90 bend vertical external 100x1503091501000,80,781CLP1N-100-150
90 bend vertical external 100x2003092001000,80,921CLP1N-100-200
90 bend vertical external 100x3003093001000,81,201CLP1N-100-300
90 bend vertical external 100x4003094001000,81,481CLP1N-100-400
90 bend vertical external 100x5003095001000,81,761CLP1N-100-500
  90 bend vertical internal 35x50 mm.For organizing a vertical cable routing turn at 90. This accessory is delivered in set with a cover.

90 bend vertical internal 35x100 mm.203100350,80,321CLP1V-035-100-1
90 bend vertical internal 35x150 mm.203150350,80,431CLP1V-035-150-1
90 bend vertical internal 35x200 mm.203200350,80,531CLP1V-035-200-1
90 bend vertical internal 35x300 mm.203300350,80,871CLP1V-035-300-1
90 bend vertical internal 50x5023850500,80,361CLP1V-050-050
90 bend vertical internal 50x100238100500,80,671CLP1V-050-100
90 bend vertical internal 50x150238150500,80,931CLP1V-050-150
90 bend vertical internal 50x200238200500,81,241CLP1V-050-200
90 bend vertical internal 50x300238300500,81,921CLP1V-050-300
90 bend vertical internal 50x400238400500,82,731CLP1V-050-400
90 bend vertical internal 50x500238500500,83,661CLP1V-050-500
90 bend vertical internal 80x100 274100800,80,811CLP1V-080-100
90 bend vertical internal 80x150274150800,81,091CLP1V-080-150
90 bend vertical internal 80x200274200800,81,401CLP1V-080-200
90 bend vertical internal 80x300274300800,82,121CLP1V-080-300
90 bend vertical internal 80x400274400800,82,961CLP1V-080-400
90 bend vertical internal 80x500274500800,83,921CLP1V-080-500
90 bend vertical internal 100x1003101001000,80,921CLP1V-100-100
90 bend vertical internal 100x1503101501000,81,201CLP1V-100-150
90 bend vertical internal 100x2003102001000,81,531CLP1V-100-200
90 bend vertical internal 100x3003103001000,82,261CLP1V-100-300
90 bend vertical internal 100x4003104001000,83,131CLP1V-100-400
90 bend vertical internal 100x5003105001000,84,111CLP1V-100-500
  T-piece 35x50 mm.For organizing a T-type cable routing branching. This accessory is delivered in set with a cover.

T-piece 35x100 mm.230100350,80,901CLP1T-035-100-1
T-piece 35x150 mm.280150350,81,301CLP1T-035-150-1
T-piece 35x200 mm.330200350,81,751CLP1T-035-200-1
T-piece 35x300 mm.430300350,83,021CLP1T-035-300-1
T-piece 50x5015050500,80,441CLP1T-050-050
T-piece 50x100230100500,80,981CLP1T-050-100
T-piece 50x150280150500,81,381CLP1T-050-150
T-piece 50x200330200500,81,861CLP1T-050-200
T-piece 50x300430300500,82,971CLP1T-050-300
T-piece 50x400530400500,84,361CLP1T-050-400
T-piece 50x500630500500,85,981CLP1T-050-500
  T-piece 80x100230100800,81,131CLP1T-080-100
T-piece 80x150280150800,81,541CLP1T-080-150
T-piece 80x200330200800,82,031CLP1T-080-200
T-piece 80x300430300800,83,161CLP1T-080-300
T-piece 80x400530400800,84,561CLP1T-080-400
T-piece 80x500630500800,86,201CLP1T-080-500
T-piece 100x1002301001000,81,241CLP1T-100-100
T-piece 100x1502801501000,81,661CLP1T-100-150
T-piece 100x2003302001000,82,151CLP1T-100-200
T-piece 100x3004303001000,83,301CLP1T-100-300
T-piece 100x4005304001000,84,711CLP1T-100-400
T-piece 100x5006305001000,86,361CLP1T-100-500
  Coupler h35 mm.For interconnecting trays and accessories
Coupler h50190 
Coupler h80190 
Coupler h100190 
  Swing joint strap h 35 mm.For connecting trays at various angles.
Swing joint strap h 50163 
Swing joint strap h 80188 
Swing joint strap h 100203 
  Splitter baffle h35 mm.For dividing the space into two or more parts in case of mounting different cable types (data and power) in one tray and for excluding coupling.
Splitter baffle h50200025590,80,9792CLP1F-050-2
Splitter baffle h80200025840,81,2942CLP1F-080-2
Splitter baffle h1002000251090,81,6092CLP1F-100-2


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