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Corrugated HDPE pipes


Corrugated HDPE (high-density polyethylene) light-type pipes are intended for laying data power and low-current power supply utilities of underplaster (within trenches and floor cement screeds) type in offices and residential premises, industrial and administrative buildings, medical and children institutions when performing new construction or reconstruction works. Corrugated HDPE correspond to the manufacturer's documentation requirements.


Outside diameter, mm Color Q-ty in package, m Product ID
Corrugated HDPE pipe with a broach tool
  16 RAL 9011 100 CTG20-16-K02-100-1
20 RAL 9011 100 CTG20-20-K02-100-1
25 RAL 9011 50 CTG20-25-K02-050-1
32 RAL 9011 25 CTG20-32-K02-025-1
40 RAL 9011 15 CTG20-40-K02-015-1
50 RAL 9011 15 CTG20-50-K02-015-1
63 RAL 9011 15 CTG20-63-K02-015-1


  • High flexibility and moldability.
  • Cabling procedure is facilitated by the presence of a broach tool.
  • High UV resistance.
  • Can be used for concrete flushing.
  • Pipe material serves as perfect electric insulator.

Design Features

High structural capabilities provide for using these pipes not only for concrete flushing but also for ground laying. High UV and moisture resistance.
Allows bending the pipe up to the minimum radius equal to 3 applied pipe diameters. Wide operating temperature range: from -40 to +90°C.

Technical Features


high-density polyethylene

Protection degree


Ambient temperature for long-term use


Assembling temperature


Storage and transportation temperature


Tensile strength

over 350 N/5cm at 20C

Insulation resistance

not less than 100Mohm (500V within 1 min)

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