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Corrugated PVC pipes


Corrugated pipes are used for laying power and low-current underplaster lines inside constructions and buildings. Owing to the pipe flexibility, cabling is carried out at minimum labor costs and practically does not require any additional accessories. Corrugated PVC pipes correspond to the manufacturer's documentation requirements.


Name Outside diameter, mm Inside diameter, mm Color Q-ty in package, m Product ID
  Corrugated PVC pipe with a broach tool 16 10,7 RAL 7035 100 CTG20-16-K41-100I
20 14,1 RAL 7035 100 CTG20-20-K41-100I
25 18,3 RAL 7035 50 CTG20-25-K41-050I
32 24,3 RAL 7035 25 CTG20-32-K41-025I
40 31,2 RAL 7035 15 CTG20-40-K41-015I
50 39,6 RAL 7035 15 CTG20-50-K41-015I
63 50,6 RAL 7035 15 CTG20-63-K41-015I


  • Excluding fires at short circuits.
  • Additional protection of the wiring system from mechanical damage.
  • Pipe material serves as perfect electric insulator.
  • Pipe flexibility ensures fast and convenient mounting using minimum accessories.
  • Cabling procedure is facilitated by the presence of a broach tool.

Design Features

Manufactured as a flexible corrugated pipe made of self-extinguishing PVC. Owing to the pipe flexibility, it can be mounted without using additional accessories (bends).
Metal broach tool throughout the full pipe length facilitates the post-mounting cabling. Corrugated pipe packaging represents a bundle enclosed into pressuretight shrinkable film ensuring dump and dust protection.
Packed corrugated pipe is lightweight and can be easily loaded manually.  

Technical Features


Self-extinguishing PVC composition

Protection degree


Tensile strength

over 350 N/5cm at 20C

Ambient temperature for long-term use


Assembling temperature


Storage and transportation temperature


Electrical resistance

not less than 100Mohm (500V within 1 min)

Flame resistance



gray RAL 7035

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