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“IMPACT” series slotted cable trunkings are designed for organizing cable routing in electric distribution panels and providing aesthetic finish inside these panels. These cable trunkings meet the requirements EN 50085-1, EN 50085-2-3.


Name Dimensions WxH, mm Catch width, mm Perforation width, mm Q-ty in package, m Product ID
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 25x25 25×25 6 4 100 CKM50-025-025-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 25x40 25×40 6 4 60 CKM50-025-040-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 25x6025×606448CKM50-025-060-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 40x4040×406436CKM50-040-040-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 40x6040×606424CKM50-040-060-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 60x4060×406424CKM50-060-040-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 60x6060×606416CKM50-060-060-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 80x6080×606416CKM50-080-060-1-K03
“IMPACT” slotted cable trunking 100x60 100×60 6 4 12 CKM50-100-060-1-K03


  • Organizing cable routing inside the electric distribution panels.
  • Protection of the wiring system from mechanical damage.
  • Ensuring electric safety.
  • Providing of immediate access to the wiring system in emergency.
  • Possible fast modernization and updating the cabling system.
  • Easy mounting at a new construction or restoration of buildings and premises.

Design Features

All slotted cable trunkings of “IMPACT” series have a special notch at the catch base. Due to this notch, the lamina is easy to snap off evenly without making serrations on the trunking base. Such a solution provides for excluding damaging insulation when laying the cable. All “IMPACT” cable trunking bases are supplemented with oval-type perforation increasing the amounting speed and fastening quality.
Slot interval coincides with that of terminal clamps on the modular equipment that helps to prevent an electric terminal from being imposed on the catch. Thus, the installation time is reduced. Fire risk is limited to the minimum as the trunkings are made of non-flammable materials.

Technical Features

ductile, self-extinguishing PVC
Tensile strength
not less than 5 kgf/cm at -25°C
Operating temperature for long-term use
-15 ÷ +60°C
Assembling temperature
-15 ÷ +60°C
Transportation and storage temperature
-25 ÷ +60°C
Electrical resistance
not less than 1x109 Ω x cm at +20°C
RAL 7023
Cover removal test
no additional tool is required; unauthorized access to the conducting parts is limited

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