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«Oak» and «Pine» texture cable trunkings


“ELEKOR” series “Oak”and “Pine” texture cable trunkings are designed for mounting data, power and LV electric service lines in residential premises, country houses at a new construction or modernization. Cable trunkings with wood textures meet the requirements of EN 50085-1, EN 50085-2-1.


  Name Q-ty in package, m Product ID
“ELEKOR” 12x12 cable trunking, pine 120 CKK10-012-012-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 15x10 cable trunking, pine 144 CKK10-015-010-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 16x16 cable trunking, pine 84 CKK10-016-016-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 20x10 cable trunking, pine 96 CKK10-020-010-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 25x16 cable trunking, pine 50 CKK10-025-016-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 40x16 cable trunking, pine 30 CKK10-040-016-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 40x25 cable trunking, pine 18 CKK10-040-025-1-K34
“ELEKOR” 12x12 cable trunking, oak 120 CKK10-012-012-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 15x10 cable trunking, oak 144 CKK10-015-010-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 16x16 cable trunking, oak 84 CKK10-016-016-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 20x10 cable trunking, oak 96 CKK10-020-010-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 25x16 cable trunking, oak 50 CKK10-025-016-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 40x16 cable trunking, oak 30 CKK10-040-016-1-K24
“ELEKOR” 40x25 cable trunking, oak 18 CKK10-040-025-1-K24


  Name Size, mm Q-ty in package, pcs. Product ID
KM51212-04 box unsoldered for “pine” type (with a terminal block) 75x75x20 100 UKO10-075-075-020-K34


  • Ensuring electric safety (additional electrical conduit insulation).
  • Protection of the wiring system from mechanical damage.
  • Exclusion of fires in the premises at short circuits.
  • Limiting of an unauthorized access to the conduits.
  • Easy mounting at a new construction or restoration of buildings.
  • Providing immediate access to the wiring system in emergency.
  • Possible fast modernization and updating the cabling system.

Design Features

Texture is applied on the cover and side panels creating an attractive look.
All cable trunking sections are supplemented with an individual print marking including a bar code.
All textures are applied with a dry transfer printing method that increases abrasion resistance.

Technical Features


Self-extinguishing PVC

Volume resistivity

not less than 1x109 Ω x cm at 20°C

Tensile strength

not less than 5 kgf/cm at -32°C

Operating temperature for long-term use


Assembling temperature


Transportation and storage temperature


Electrical resistance

not less than 1x109 Ω x cm at + 20°C

Wall thickness (WT)

from 0,7 mm (mini-ducts) to 2,4 mm (trunk line ducts)

Cover removal test

no additional tool is required; unauthorized access to the conducting parts is limited

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