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Floor and plinth cable trunkings


“ELEKOR” series floor and plinth trunking system is intended for laying all types of power and LV service lines including high quality fiber and data cables for organizing working places in offices, industrial and administrative buildings as well as medical and children institutions at new constructions or modernization. “ELEKOR” series system meets the requirements of EN 50085-1, EN 50085-2-1.


Name Purpose Product ID Q-ty in package Installation method
Floor trunking adapter
For branching the floor cable trunking from the plinth one. CKK11D-A-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
Configurable outer angle
For joining two trunkings with an outer angle from 70 to 135. CKK11D-W-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
Configurable inner angle
For connecting two trunkings with an inner angle from 80 to 120 CKK11D-X-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
For closing the end face. CKK11D-Z-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
Single-place mounting box
For installing within the box of electric devices with a 60 mm mounting face. CKK11D-U-080-020-K01 5 pcs.
Quarter turn 90
For connecting two trunkings at an angle of 90. CKK11D-P-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
Junction connector
For joining two cable trunkings on the flat surface. CKK11D-S-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
T-type angle
For T-type connection of three cable trunkings. CKK11D-T-080-020-K01 10 pcs.
Distribution box
Used as a multiple socket of floor trunking and a terminal block. CKK12D-K-070-016-K03 10 pcs.
Cable trunking 80x20 (plinth)
Used as a plinth on the floor-wall board. CKK20-080-020-1-K01 28 m
Cable trunking 70x16 (floor*)
For joining two cable trunkings on the flat surface. CKK30-070-016-3-K03 42 m

* Bi-adhesive used for the preliminary fixation is not included.


  • Work place arrangement.
  • Ensuring electric safety (additional electrical conduit insulation).
  • Protection of the wiring system from mechanical damage.
  • Exclusion of fires in the premises at short circuits.
  • Limiting of an unauthorized access to the conduits.
  • Easy mounting at a new construction or restoration of buildings.
  • Providing immediate access to the wiring system in emergency.
  • Possible fast modernization and updating of the cabling system.

Design Features

Adjusted angles facilitate and improve the system installation. Integrated baffles divide power and data cables ensuring reliable sealing of high quality digital wires. Wax included as a compound of raw material for floor and plinth electrical conduits production, provides for good washing qualities.
To simplify the mounting process, each trunking is slotted. Base ribbing allows fastening the cable trunkings using adhesive solutions and bi-adhesives (applied only for the preliminary fixation). Owing to the floor trunking’s construction with three baffles and an additional durability modifier being a part of raw materials, this one is notable for its boosted resistance to all types of stress.
All cable trunkings are protected with a pressure-sensitive film. It protects the tray from soiling during the installation. After the mounting, it can be easily removed. Floor and plinth cable trunkings are packed into a brand package made of 5 mm thick corrugated card.
All accessories have an individual packaging labeled with a bar-code sticker and information simplifying the product’s identification.

Technical Features

ductile, impact-resistant, self-extinguishing PVC resistant to ultraviolet exposure and corrosive chemical environment with low moisture permeability
Volume resistivity
not less than 1x109 Ω x cm at 20C
Tensile strength
not less than 5kgf/cm at -32C
Operating temperature for long-term use
-15 ÷ +60C
Assembling temperature
-15 ÷ +60C
Transportation and storage temperature
-32 ÷ +60C
Electrical resistance
not less than 1x109 Ω x cm at +20C
plinth RAL 9010;
floor RAL7023
Cover removal test
no additional tool is required; unauthorized access to the conducting parts is limited

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