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KS1-IP54 electric meter empty enclosure


KS1-IP54 empty enclosures are intended for mounting a single-phase electric meter and modular units (modular disconnectors, MCB, RCD) within a single-phase AC circuits of 230V (50Hz). The empty enclosure is designed for installation in residential, public and industrial premises with high humidity and dust level as well as in the open air (on poles not more than 320mm in diameter, bearings and building walls).


Name Package amount Product ID
KS1-IP54 electric meter empty enclosure 12 MSP10-2-54


  • Transparent window ensures visual access to meter readings.
  • The set is completed with sealing screws.
  • Possibility to fix meters intended for installation onto a mounting panel and a DIN-rail.
  • Mounting panel is supplied with mounting holes suitable for various meter types.

Design Features

  To operate a MCB lever, the empty enclosure is supplied with a screw-down windup mechanism allowing turning it on without opening the empty enclosure.

Windup mechanism operating principle. Windup mechanism consists of a bracket (1) and a screw-down lever (2). Bracket mounting (1) is carried out according to the figure with the help of a plain washer and two nuts into the MCB’s assembly hole (3). After that, the bracket is placed into the screw-down level cut-outs (2).

Attention! If MCB has a handle different from that displayed in the figure, it should be supplemented with a plastic ending (delivered in set).
  Windows made of transparent material ensure visual access to meter readings and the automated protection breaker’s state.   Electric meter can be installed both onto a mounting panel or a DIN-rail. Mounting panel is equipped with special holes suitable for different meter types: CE6807B-R, CE6827M1, CE6807B-SH1, CE6807P-SH1,
CE6807P-SH6, CE6807P-SH4,
CE6807B-SH4, Merkuriy 201 etc.
When mounting meters different from the displayed, it is recommended to use the installation dimensions indicated in the figure.
  The empty enclosure can be filled with meters both with meters installed onto a mounting panel and DIN-rail-mounted units.

Technical Features



Number of phases in group circuits

for single-phase circuits

Protection class


Operating temperature, C


Rated voltage, V


Rated frequency, Hz


Rated insulation voltage, V


Rated circuit current, A


Impact resistance, J


Protection degree


Number of single-pole units installed into the case


Weight, kg



DIN-rail and mounting panel Sealing screw Input mechanism bracket MCB handle end

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