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Staircase empty enclosures SCHE


These empty enclosures are used for assembling floor distribution panels intended for accepting and distributing electric power within residential and public buildings as well as for protecting outgoing lines in case of overloads and short circuit.

Welded metal empty enclosure consists of three compartments: lead in and accounting, distribution and the one for weak-current equipment.

Lead in accounting and distribution compartments host perforated plates for meter mounting (corresponding to the number of flats). Main line cut off device can be installed in the same compartment.

There are DIN-rails for group line units and elements for N and PE bus mounting located in the distribution compartment equipped with a speedbar.

Weak-current equipment compartment is provided with perforated profiles for laying television and radio networks, telephone lines, security alarm systems, house intercoms etc.

Correspond to EN 62208


  Name Overall dimensions (HxWxD), mm Weight, kg Color Product ID
SCHE-2-1 36 IP31 Body: 1000x960x140
Bay: 950x900x140
19,9 RAL 7035 MKM42-02-31
SCHE-3-1 36 IP31 Body: 1000x960x140
Bay: 950x900x140
20,3 RAL 7035 MKM42-03-31
SCHE-4-1 36 IP31 Body: 1000x960x140
Bay: 950x900x140
20,3 RAL 7035 MKM42-04-31
Supplementary accessories
Cover frame for wall mounting 994x954x157 8,5 RAL 7035 MKM42-00-31


  • Boosted corrosion resistance.
  • High quality coating.
  • High performance and easy assembly.
  • Convenient mounting.
  • High electrical safety.
  • Empty enclosure sealing option.
  • Quality certificate.
  • Service life – not less than 25 years.

Design Features

Up to 9 modules per flat. Wall mounting option when using an additional cover frame.
Possibility to install the panel after laying the main line. Lead in accounting compartment door is equipped with a pane window for meter reading.
Dismountable mounting frame provides for installing any types of single or three-phase meters without additional adapters. Accounting compartment sealing option.
Each compartment can be locked.
Keys for different compartment do not match.

Technical Features


flush, possible wall mounting

Metal gauge

1,0 mm

Rated current per one flat



powder, sharkskin


RAL 7035



Door opening angle



  • DIN-
  • N 6´9 8/1
  • N 6´9 8/2
  • DIN-
  • 733
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