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Electric lead-in and metering empty enclosures, SCHU


They are intended for assembling lead-in electric metering empty enclosures using modular equipment as well as for electric power supply and accounting in residential and industrial premises.

Correspond to EN 62208.


  Name Meter type No. of modules Overall dimensions (HxWxD), mm Features Color Product ID
SCHU 1/1-0 74 Y1 IP54 1 2 310x300x150

No. of inputs: 2 holes ∅ 28mm (on bottom)

Weight: 3,9 kg

RAL 7032 MKM51-N-01-54
SCHU 1/2-0 74 Y1 IP54 1 2 310x420x150

No. of inputs: 2 holes ∅ 28mm (on bottom)

Weight: 5,3 kg

RAL 7032 MKM51-N-02-54
SCHU 3/1-0 74 Y1 IP54 3 3 395x310x150

No. of inputs: 3 holes ∅ 28mm (on bottom)

Weight: 5,0 kg

RAL 7032 MKM51-N-03-54
SCHU 1/1-1 74 Y1 IP54 1 6 (4 2) 310x300x150

No. of inputs: 2 holes ∅ 28mm (on bottom)

Weight: 5,3 kg

RAL 7032 MKM51-N-04-54
SCHU 3/1-1 74 Y1 IP54 3 12 (4, 4, 4) 445x400x150

No. of inputs: 2 holes ∅ 28mm (on bottom)

Weight: 8,7 kg

RAL 7032 MKM51-N-09-54


  • Outdoor use option.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • High quality coating.
  • High performance and easy assembly.
  • Convenient installation.
  • High electrical safety.
  • Quality certificate.

Design Features

Protection (VA47-29) and power cut off devices (VN-32) as well as surge protective devices can be installed independently. Possibility of sealing the speedbar in the closed position.
Speedbar covers the meter and electrical equipment. It is attached to the casing with hinge straps and locked with an individual lock. Additional casing shield prevents water and dust ingress at the door opening.
Speedbar has a window for meter reading and a slotted hole for accessing the protection device. Foamed PUR sealing.

Technical Features



Metal gauge

1,0 mm

Rated current



powder, sharkskin


RAL 7032



Door opening angle


Equipment type



Electrical safety signs

Gland seals (for IP54 type empty enclosures)
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