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Plug-in and pull-out mounting panels


Panels are intended for completing VA88 MCCB installed into the main distribution panels, lead-in and distribution units, switchboards etc. They provide for operative changeover of circuit breakers and ensure creating a visual clearance during the preventive maintenance.

Mounting panels are designed for transforming VA88 MCCB of fixed type into plug-in (PM1) and pull-out (PM2) type devices.


  Name   MCCB type Package amount, pcs. Product ID
PM1 front plug-in mounting panel PM1/P-32 VA88-32 24 SVA10D-PM1-P
PM1/P-33 VA88-33 24 SVA20D-PM1-P
PM1/P-35 VA88-35 16 SVA30D-PM1-P
PM1/P-37 VA88-37 8 SVA40D-PM1-P
PM1 rear plug-in mounting panel PM1/R-32 VA88-32 12 SVA10D-PM1-R
PM1/R-33 VA88-33 12 SVA20D-PM1-R
PM1/R-35 VA88-35 12 SVA30D-PM1-R
PM1/R-37 VA88-37 4 SVA40D-PM1-R
PM2 front pull-out mounting panel PM2/P-35 VA88-35 8 SVA30D-PM2-P
PM2/P-37 VA88-37 4 SVA40D-PM2-P
PM2/P-40 VA88-40 2 SVA50D-PM2-P
PM2/P-43 VA88-43 1 SVA60D-PM2-P
PM2 rear pull-out mounting panel PM2/R-35 VA88-35 8 SVA30D-PM2-R
PM2/R-37 VA88-37 2 SVA40D-PM2-R
PM2 vertical bus pull-out mounting panel PM2/V-40 VA88-40 2 SVA50D-PM2-V
PM2/V-43 VA88-43 1 SVA60D-PM2-V

Technical Features

Feature P1/P-32, P1/R-32 P1/P-33, P1/R-33 P1/P-35, P1/R-35 P2/P-35, P2/R-35 P1/P-37, P1/R-37 P2/P-37, P2/R-37 P2/P 40, P2/-40 P2/ 43, P2/P-43
Rated operating voltage Ue, V 400
Operating voltage range U, V (0,2÷1,2) Ue
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Dissipated power, max., W 5 10 15 15 30 20 30 30
Durability, not less than, power cycles 6000 6000 5000 5000 4000 4000 3500 4000
Weight, max., kg 0,9*1,1 1,2*1,3 1,7*2,7 2,3*6,0 3,7*4,3 2,8*9,5 9,5*11,0 24,0*22,5
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