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Status contact KS47. Status contact (emergency) KSV47


  KS47 and KSV47 serve for acquiring information about the status of VA47-29 and VA47-100 within the technologic processes automation and separate objects protection systems.
KS47 exercise a function of additional contact for modular circuit breakers or residual current devices (RCD). Switching takes place even if the control lever is up.
KS47 also fulfils a function of supplementary contact and alarm for the windup mechanism of modular circuit breakers or RCDs. After installing KSV47 in engagement with a mechanism of modular circuit breaker (VA) or RCD (AD), the contacts switching takes place at the first actuation. KSV47 contacts remain closed (open) even at the manual shutdown of VA or AD. Switching of contacts will take place only if the circuit breaker is actuated at the overcurrent (overload or short circuit).
The module’s upper part is provided with a special board which pressing leads to the forced reset of the mechanism itself and contacts switching.


  Name* Module width, mm Rated operating voltage, V Cables max. size, mm2 Package amount, pcs Product ID
  multiple transport
  KS47 9 230 2,5 14 280 MVA00D-KS-1
  KS47 9 230 2,5 14 280 MVA00D-AK-1

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