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ZOI series clamps are intended for connecting and branching phase and neutral self-supporting insulated wires under 1kW as well as for subscriber conductors branching (lighting wires). When the screw bolts are tightened, spade terminal blades form a secured electrical connection, piercing the trunk line and branching wire insulation. When a definite stress sufficient for creating a stable electrical connection is reached, the upper screw-bolt head is separated. For mounting and transportation convenience, each screw-bolt is laminated for preventing possible disconnection of component parts. Clamp construction ensures sealed connection and secured electrical contact that was proved by testing. During these tests the clamp was immersed at a depth of 1 meter for 1 minute when applying AC voltage of 6kW (50Hz). Clamp casing is made of mechanically strong thermoplastic reinforced with fiberglass. In case if there is a necessity to dismantle the clamp, it can be done using a correspondent wrench.
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KOPM1500 suspension clamps (ES 1500, SO 260) IEK
Ultimate load: 12000 N
Ambient temperature: -60...+70 °C
Weight: 0,53 kg
Несущая нейтраль сечение: 16...95 mm²
KOPM1500 suspension clamps ECOLINE
Ultimate load: 9000 N
Ambient temperature: -60...+70 °C
Weight: 0,453 kg
Несущая нейтраль сечение: 16...95 mm²
Total: 2
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