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Group of companies IEK goes out into the world: now Africa and Asia


Group of companies IEK took part in the International industrial exhibition EXPO RUSSIA  VIETNAM in Hanoi and in the Egyptian 2017 ELECTRICX exhibition in Cairo in December 2017.

The Vietnamese exhibition was organized at the international level for the cooperation between Russia and Vietnam and for the establishing the trade and economic relations and joint business. The exposition IEK attracted a large number of Vietnamese state companies in the field of the construction and energy, as well as the private companies, which engaged in the distribution of electrical products. After the exhibition a lot of potential distributors expressed a desire to cooperate with Group of companies IEK.

  IEK  In the exhibition in Cairo Group of companies IEK has also attracted a large number of the experts and representatives of various industry and design organizations, as well as trading companies. In addition to Egyptian companies, the company from Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan expressed the most interest in the products of IEK.

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