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Russian junior team of electricians has brought home Gold Medals from UAE.


Schoolchildren from Russia won the WorldSkills 2017 professional skills championship in the competence “Electrical Installation Works”, which was founded with support of IEK Group of Companies.

The championship took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The junior team won three sets of medals and their senior team mate won a medallion.

Four junior teams from Russia and two from UAE were competing in the “Electrical Installation Works” competence. The gold medal was awarded to Maxim Alzhanov and Daniil Kalinin the students of school No. 97 from Chelyabinsk. The championship host team from UAE took the joint second place with Sofia Popkova from Kandalaksha and Margarita Dergunets from Khabarovsk. Our compatriots Danila Lunev and Igor Gorn from city of Berdsk, Novosibirsk region took the third place.

In competition among college students, representatives of Switzerland, Italy and China occupied the medal pedestal. The graduate of Novosibirsk Construction College Roman Glazunov won a special prize of the championship the medallion, which confirms high level of professional skills.

In frames of competition program, schoolchildren had to assemble house lighting and engine reverse starting schemes. The college students faced a task of industrial electrical unit installation and programming. The referees evaluated the degree of project completion, correctness of operation and safety.

The competence “Electrical Installation Works” was founded in Russia in 2014 upon an initiative of Novosibirsk Construction College with support of IEK Group of Companies. The goal was to revise the outdated educational standards. In one year, IEK Group of Companies initiated development of the competence “Electrical Installation Works” for juniors aged 12-16 years in frames of WorldSkills Russia competition with a goal to popularize profession among the schoolchildren.

Presently the program for simplified entrance to the educational institutions for the winners of WorldSkills Russia is being developed on the national level. This can be an extra motivation for choosing working professions.

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