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IEK Ukraine: 15 years and in the leaders!


On 10 July 2017, IEK Ukraine celebrated 15 years of its work at the electrotechnical market of Ukraine.

The years of the professional teamwork, strengthen relationships with the partners, finding the right solutions, development plans and competitive strategies have the results: according to the results of 2016 the products of IEK has occupied 25 percent of the Ukrainian market, and the additional office IEK Ukraine is one of the three companies leading of the Ukrainian electrotechnical market.

In the course of the decade and a half the team of employees has grown from a few people to hundred experts, many of those, who started their career 15 years ago, are still working. Today, the IEK logo can be found in every corner of Ukraine and the production is trusted by the vast number of the consumers. In 2015 IEK Ukraine won the title of "Brand of the Year 2014-2015".This is the highest score and win the whole professional team, that works daily to improve the quality of the service to its customers and providing technical service.

IEK : 15     !

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