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IEK Harold

IEK Harold is a professionally oriented publication on electrical engineering. Within tow and a half years of existence, the number of copies was increased from 3 to 10 thousand.

Our readers

Our readers include representatives of assembly, project and educational organizations; technical compliance, certification, engineering and energy supervision institutions; production and construction organizations; administration of trading organizations; technical advisers; sales managers in the spheres of electric engineering.


IEK Harold is distributed throughout Russia, the countries of the NIS and Mongolia; free subscription is available for competent departments and offices, project and assembly institutions and organizations, IEK partner companies, as well as individual customers.

About the Newsletter

All participants on electrical engineering market, such as project managers, construction engineers, representatives of supervising organizations, producers and customers, are interested in a common information base available for discussing general problems and questions, technical and legislation advice, news release, and FAQ. IEK Harold became such a base for the electrical engineering market.

The publication’s feature is its technical supplement, which exclusively publishes articles by technical specialists, professionals in certification and standardization, scientists, representatives of project and assembly organizations. There are technical recommendations on implementing low-voltage equipment, relevant advice, normative documents and requirements.

The newsletters readers can also become its writers. The editorial board will readily cooperate with professionals willing to speak on the subject of electrical engineering, share personal experience in projecting and assembling electricity networks or unique ideas. All authors receive financial compensation.

You are re also welcome to offer your suggestions on the topics of interest, inform us about the event of your region or send list the people whose opinion is important to you by addressing the editor of the newsletter.


Editor – Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Gorbacheva
Tel./fax: (495) 788-88-45 , ext. 3273;
Address: Moscow, 117519, m/b 54.

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