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NAVIGATOR Petrol Filling Station in Almaty city

NAVIGATOR Petrol Filling Station is the largest petrol filling station in Almaty region. Every day the station serves a variety of commercial and non-commercial organizations, governmental enterprises, as well as hundreds of thousands of auto enthusiasts in twenty-four-hour operation mode. Illumination of the filling station is organized with the use of TM IEK lighting devices.

CHP in Kapshagai town

CHP was built in Kapshagai (Almaty region) with the purpose of providing heat and electricity to a growing and prosperous city Kapchagay. The CHP will be organized with the use of a wide range of electrical equipment TM IEK.

Almaty heat network

Almaty heat network is a powerful thermal management, which provides the main vital functions of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, creating a comfortable environment in residential buildings, public, cultural and other institutions. The power supply of pumping stations organized using the electrical equipment TM IEK.

Nuclear power plant in Ostrovets town

The Belarusian NPP is a strategically important facility in the Republic of Belarus, equipped with electrical equipment of the IEK. Metal shell, circuit breakers, warning lights and control stations for the Belarusian nuclear power plant produces the Group of companies IEK. Electrical equipment was purchased for several social facilities of the BelNPP, for the premises of a special military unit created for the protection of the station, and a number of objects of the station itself. In this case, we are talking about the large-scale strategic project, so that the customer had the special conditions for a paperwork, as well as high requirements for product quality.

Rogunskaya hydroelectric power station

Rogunskaya hydroelectric power station under construction is located in Tajikistan on the Vakhsh river, which is part of the Vakhsh cascade, being its upper part. According to the project, the hydroelectric power station is a 335-meter earthen dam with hydraulic tunnels for river drainage and water collection, an underground power plant with six units. The HPP power supply project provides for the use of a wide range of IEK electrical equipment.

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