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Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant

Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant (PNHZ LLC) is the largest oil refining and production enterprise in the North-East of Kazakhstan, situated in Pavlodar and one of three oil refineries in the Republic. As a result of implementation of the modernization project, in December 2017 at PNHZ there were built and put into operation two new technological complexes: a complex for naphtha isomerization & splitter, and a complex of sulfur production units. Also there were erected 12 new off-site facilities intended for the normal functioning of the units built and put into operation. In addition, there were reconstructed the existing production facilities: primary oil processing and advanced oil processing plants, as well as the delayed coking unit. The operation of the factory complex is organized using a wide range of IEC TM electrotechnical equipment.

Karaganda foundry-machine building plant (FBP)

The plant is the repair facility for the structural units of Kazakhmys Corporation. The main objective of KFMBP  providing enterprises the Corporation spare parts and equipment for machine-building purposes. Cable support system factory is organized using the electrical products TM IEK.

Pig-breeding complex in Molodechnensky district

Construction of pig-breeding complex for 100 thousand heads of the pigs per year and access roads to it in the district of Savelovo Molodechnensky district completed in early 2018. This object was built by the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The total area is 54 thousand square meters. The work of the complex are organized with the use of electrical equipment TM IEK.

The plant producing metal constructions and hardware EVRASCON

The plant, owned by the large Euro-Asian construction Corporation EVRASCON, manufactures the metal products and structures. It is one of the key production units of the company EVRASCON and supplies the products for the construction of the bridges, industrial facilities, sports facilities and many other projects transport and industrial infrastructure. The company is equipped with the modern computerized equipment from Germany, Italy, Sweden. The production enterprises are organized using electrical products IEK.

BCC Group Company

BCC Group is one of the leading service companies, providing a wide range of services including engineering, procurement, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of civil and industrial facilities, including oil and gas industry. The company is also engaged in the manufacture and installation of modular structures and modular systems. The power supply of one of the buildings of the company, namely boiler installation performed on products IEK.

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