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IEK produces electrical engineering IEK TM goods to be used in construction industry, housing-communal services and industrial plants. The company focuses on maximum availability; playing an active part in the development of this industry and maintaining the security of energy resources. The company has an impeccable business reputation, being a guarantee of IEK quality, and exercising high social responsibility. IEK inputs into the quality of life of its customers and makes a great contribution to stable economic development of electrical engineering in Russia.

Our Customers  



The Group of companies IEK values the trust of its consumers, who are the adherents of IEK products for more than 15 years. It develops in order to continue to provide the modern and reliable products for construction, housing and utilities and industrial enterprises.

Our partners

The Group of companies IEK partners - is one of the most significant assets of our company and an integral part of the business. The maximum availability of products under the brand name IEK and offered a high level of service to consumers in all regions of Russia and abroad has reached because of good cooperation with partners.

Our staff

The Group of companies IEK have created a team of professionals that can ensure the production and promotion of products at the highest level realizing the high responsibility of the professionals working with our products. Staff from all divisions of the company sole and highly skilled team through which the Group of companies IEK continues to develop and create a compelling and modern equipment.

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