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Nowadays, producers are given a difficult task of complying with the high standards set by qualified professionals on todays market of electrical engineering and Russias judicial requirements. For over 10 years now, to comply with the demand of the electrical engineering market, IEK has been producing high-quality IEK TM products in correspondence with these standards.


This year was bookmarked by the launch of the company’s new plant ELPLASTIK, which became one of Russias first users of the extrusion method (producing extended-length profiled plastic products). The plant – a multi-profile factory producing cable support systems from polyvinylchloride was built in the Yasnogorsky area, Moscow region. The plant quickly became a leader in cable support system production and since then has featured stable production of high-quality goods complying with Russian and European standards.

Nowadays, ELPLASTIK means newest technology, up-to-date equipment, and integral body of professional staff. Since its launch, the factorys production capacity has increased 6 times, and the volume of production 7 times. Considering the rate growth and development, the limits of the plants resources have not been reached.
The plants has been continually developing upgrading gears, introducing new lines of products, modifying techniques and production process. In addition to this, there has been constant widening of the range of products, which became possible because of the efficient production development policy.

The plant focuses on the high quality of the used raw materials, thus conducting thorough testing of every lot by the group of experts in production engineering. Today, there are 6 different techniques, developed and approved for the plants use.
The success of the facility could be achieved not singularly by technology, but by a combination of investment, technology and professional staff. The factorys intellectual resources combined with rich experience have granted the facility stability in the future. Within ELPLASTIK, there is an effective system of staff recruitment, training and certification. Much attention is paid to providing comfortable working conditions (here, the common belief of occupational hazard in plastic production has been successfully broken); every jobsite are certified, approved, and operated under strict control of the job safety department. With effective investment policy, ELPLAST has been annually modernizing production lines and increasing production capacity.

Noted by its customers for high quality, ELPLASTIK products be used in industrial spheres (due to tolerance to aggressive environment) as well as in everyday life or educational institutions (due to high ecological compatibility.

ELPLASTIK can be seen as an example of successful contemporary production in Russia, with efficient production management and a high perspective.

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