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Producers nowadays have to comply with high standards set by Russian legislation and highly professional members of electrical engineering market. For ten years, IEK has been producing high quality goods to answer wide existing demands. IEK trademark has always been in full compliance with the high level of Russian federal standards.


International Electrical Engineering Company (IEK) is one of Russia’s biggest producers of a wide range of goods used in constructing business, housing and communal services, and industrial spheres. The history of the company goes back to the creation of INTERELEKTROKOMPLEKT, a limited liability association, in may 1999. Every year, IEK celebrates its birthday on 3 June, which was the day when the first products of the company were purchased.
Originally, IEKs primary objective is bulk deliveries of low-voltage electrical engineering equipment. In a short period of time, the company became widely known as the leading producer and supplier of low-voltage equipment on the market. Progressive development eventually resulted in the creation of a holding company named International Electrical Engineering Company (IEK) in 2006. The company included all existing units and operated within several countries. 

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